Jan 22nd, 1922 - Dec 22nd, 2016


The National Cemetery Administration would like to remember, Madge Leon Moore, who reported for active duty service during World War II as a member of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) program on November 1, 1943.

Madge learned to fly airplanes in her hometown of Sweetwater, Texas. In 1943, over 1500 women qualified to receive instrument engineering instruction and only 1,000 completed the training to become a WASP. Madge, was among those that completed the training successful at Avenger Field in Texas.  Avenger Field air base is known as the largest all-female air base in American history and it is where all WASPS were trained.

During her service she often flew BT-13s, AT-6s and tested planes after they had been repaired. Over 27 months the entire group of women aviators flew over 70 types of aircraft and traveled over 9 million miles. They flew everything from fighter planes to the heaviest bombers.

The WASP program was run under a federal Civil Service program at the time with intention for it to become part of the Army, but they were disbanded on December 20, 1944 before they could become a military unit. Because they were considered a federal Civil Service Program upon their separation from the WASPs, they were not considered to me Veterans.  

Over 30 years later than the photo of Madge standing in front of an airplane holding her parachute was taken, President Carter Signed a bill, which granted all of the WASP World War II Veterans’ status. From that point forward, the newly recognized Veterans were eligible to apply for all of the benefits and services offered to other WWII Veterans.

In recognition of their extraordinary service in 2009 each WASP or her family representative were presented the Congressional Gold Medal.  

During Women’s History Month, we honor the services of Madge Leon Moore and all WASPs. They served with honor integrity, patriotism, service, faith and commitment to the United States of American.

Madge Leon Moore, was born on June 22, 1922. 72 years and 2 days after the WASPS of World War II were disbanded, she passed away on December 22, 2016. She was 92. Her final resting place is located at the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery.

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1943 - 1944 Air Force , Avenger Field on May 28, 1943 Sweetwater, TX
1977 President Jimmy Carter Recognized women as Veterans
2009 Recipient Congressional Gold Medal
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