Veterans Legacy Memorial: Frequently Asked Questions

  What is the Veterans Legacy Memorial (VLM)?
VLM is an online memorial space managed by the National Cemetery Administration (NCA) of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). NCA manages 136 national cemeteries as shrine spaces to honor our Nation’s Veterans. VLM was created to extend the memorialization of the 3.7 million Veterans interred in NCA cemeteries to a digitally-accessible environment, by providing a memorial page for each Veteran.
  Which Veterans are in VLM? Where is my Veteran?
Currently, VLM offers a digital memorial space for Veterans memorialized in NCA cemeteries.

NCA manages most national cemeteries, but not all. If you are looking for a Veteran or servicemember interred at Arlington National Cemetery, please visit If you are looking for a servicemember interred in a cemetery managed by the American Battle Monuments Commission, please visit

To find information about the final resting place of Veterans interred in Veteran cemeteries managed by the National Park Service, state governments or tribal governments, please visit

In the future, VLM may include Veterans interred in private cemeteries with headstones provided by VA. This information is currently available at VA’s Nationwide Gravesite Locator at
  What about the spouse of a Veteran or other family member who is buried in a national cemetery?
At this time, VLM only contains information on Veterans interred in VA national cemeteries. Spouses or other family members who are buried along with the Veteran will not have their own memorial pages. However, future versions of the site may be able to provide memorial pages for family members who are also interred with a Veteran.
  How do I find my Veteran?
In the search window, please type in a last name. Even a partial spelling with at least three letters will yield search results. The search results will be displayed below. (Note: incorrect spellings will not yield the result you seek. If you are unsure of the spelling, try a partial-name search.)

Searches will provide more specific results when you can enter more information, such as exact spellings of names, branch of service, name of cemetery, etc. If you do not know some of those, enter what you know, but please be patient as you sort through the results.

If you have more specific information about your Veteran, please try the Advanced Search. You can click on “add filter” to introduce additional search criteria, such as branch of service, rank, decoration(s), etc.
  What should I do if the information that comes up in a search is inaccurate or incomplete?
NCA manages many cemeteries, some that date to the Civil War era. Unfortunately, there may be a mistake in a Veteran’s profile. For historic Veterans, this can be due to manual entry from old records; for Veterans of other periods, this can be due to an error in a form submitted to NCA. Whatever the reason, we want to make it right, and we may need your help.

For some historic Veterans, the profile may be incomplete. Each Veteran’s profile reflects what we do know about the Veteran. For example, it is not uncommon for a Civil War soldier’s profile to have only a last name and year of death. Times were different, and that may have been all that was known.

If you believe that you have found an error, please scroll to the bottom of the home page and click on “Customer Support.” You may also call (866) 245-1490. An NCA team member will listen to you share what you found. Each case is different, but NCA team members will work to rectify the Veteran’s record. Errors are rare, but our goal is to have none.
  How can my school/organization/military unit/non-profit/company etc. contribute to this project?
NCA’s Veterans Legacy Program (VLP, or “Legacy”) works with schools, universities, non-profit groups, and any organization who wants to share our mission to tell Veterans’ stories. Please visit Legacy’s site, or email We are always looking for new partners.

To see examples of Legacy work, please visit the site of these two Legacy partners: University of Central Florida,, and University of California-Riverside,
  Where does the Veterans’ information come from? How is it being stored? Who has access to it?
All Veteran information displayed on VLM comes from NCA’s publicly available records. What you see in a Veteran’s profile is the same information on that Veteran’s headstone (name, year of birth, year of passing, branch of service, rank, and decorations). VLM is, in many ways, a digital national cemetery.

VLM is a site designed by VA’s National Cemetery Administration with high security standards; and is stored in a secure, VA-controlled environment

NCA has taken every safeguard to prevent any commercial use of Veteran data, and commercial activity on VLM is prohibited. VLM is for the Veteran community and for those who want to join us in memorializing America’s Veterans.
  Why are there features like “Mementos,” “Historical,” and “Sentry” showing but not available to use yet? Will there be any changes to a Veteran’s profile page?
VLM has several features built into it that NCA will enable over time, after we hear from our customers and the American public about this initial version of VLM. For example, these features will allow next of kin to share pictures of their loved ones and for researchers to share historical documentation discovered about historic Veterans. If NCA chooses to enable some or all of these functions, we will monitor the site closely in order to maintain the same level of decorum our customers experience in our national cemeteries.